Before Minis
Austin A35 (Alfa version!)
Three New Era Minis
POP 22 through the years
POP 22 restoration
POP 22 today
Technical details
New Era Ltd

The body conversion of the Austin A35 was well received, but any thought of production stopped when the Mini was announced in the Autumn of 1959.   Ken Nightingale obtained a new Mini and soon it appeared with a fast (sloping) back conversion.   It did not look right, but the potential of both engine and body conversions for this sporty little car was evident.   Over the next two years, the first Mini was converted to have a more streamlined front as well as its fast back, a second Mini was obtained and given a similar treatment but with headlight covers, and the experience of the first two was put into a third Mini which had a lowered roofline as well as a streamlined front and a fast back.   The part-completed third Mini (far right) in the photograph is the current POP 22, although somewhat confusingly the first Mini is sporting this number plate.   It is almost certain that the first two New Era Minis were scrapped many years ago, but the final version (and the one that would have gone into production) remains.