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The 25 years of inactivity up until 2006 had done POP 22 no good at all.   The pistons in the engine were seized such that even Coca Cola would not budge them and almost all the braking system needed replacing.   It took two years of intermittent work before POP 22 could be driven away from its garage, during which time most of the mechanical parts were replaced or, at least, cleaned and inspected.   However, no significant work was performed on the body and so it looked a little rough around the edges even though it was a fun car to drive.   It was still painted British Racing Green (the dark Jaguar/Bentley variety), a colour it had gained in the 1970s when Chris Nightingale wanted to change its initial lime green colour.  

A very fortunate introduction to Chris Spennewyn took place as plans were being hatched for the second phase of restoration, namely the bodywork.   Chris Spennewyn runs a Mini restoration business just outside Hitchin and produces work of the very highest quality.   He advised against respraying in the same darker version of British Racing Green as before.   Instead, he identified a lighter version, namely Aston Martin Racing Green, as used by the Aston Martin Le Mans sports cars of the 1950s.   Also, on his advice, the steel wheels were changed to rose petal alloy wheels.   POP 22 emerged in May 2011, after many hours of preparation and spraying work, just in time to attend the Mini Cooper 50th anniversary celebrations at the National Motor Museum.