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Austin A35 (Alfa version!)
Three New Era Minis
POP 22 through the years
POP 22 restoration
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Technical details
New Era Ltd

The New Era Mini was designed by Ken Nightingale with the intention of being put into small-scale production.   It was not the first car that he designed.   He wanted to go motor racing after World War 2 and he used the unlikely base of a Humber air field defence vehicle (see left).   Fitted with an aluminium body and a supercharger, its acceleration was breath taking, but its cornering was nail biting.  

The Humber was followed by a lightweight purpose-built chassis fitted with a small Panhard engine with the intention of competing in the small-capacity sports car class of hill climbs (see right).   It was sold before completion due to various pressures.   In the late 1950s Ken’s efforts concentrated on starting a small automotive business at 1A Caroline Street in central Birmingham.   Initially it was a small garage which acted as agents for Alexander Conversions Ltd, a company that manufactured ‘go faster’ conversions for the BMC cars of the time.   The business was initially called Ecurie Rossignol Ltd (Team/Stable Nightingale in French), but later it was changed to New Era Ltd, the Era being an abbreviation for Ecurie Rossignol Accessories.